Leon Blankstein, President, Chief Executive Officer
Patti A. Vollmer, Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
Suzanne Dondanville, Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer
Karen Schoenbaum, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
David A. Wolf, Executive Vice President
Philip C. Feghali, Executive Vice President



400 South Hope Street, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90071
telephone: 213.430.4000
facsimile: 213.627.2895

Silvia Marjoram, Regional Executive Vice President, Deputy Chief Credit Officer
Michael S. Meeker, Vice President, Sr. Credit Administrator 
Scott Trimeloni, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Banking Officer
George Reardon, Regional Executive Vice President, Real Estate Manager
Gary Allen Cook, Sr. Vice President, Real Estate
Mark Ylagan, Assistant Vice President, Real Estate

Los Angeles Regional Office

David Kohn, Regional Executive Vice President
Jonathan Caveza, 1st Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Sharon Hauptman, 1st Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Christopher D. Maggio, Sr. Vice President, Sr. Credit Administrator 
Mary Aguilar, Vice President, Relationship Manager
Simon Leyva, Vice President, Relationship Manager
Kenneth R. Bettencourt, Sr. Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager

Orange County Regional Office

2030 Main Street, Suite 250
Irvine, CA 92614
telephone: 949.261.1122
facsimile: 949.261.1133

Erik Dickerson, Regional Executive Vice President
John C. Hartwig, 1st Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Morgan Lanchantin, Sr. Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Susan Machado, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Banking Officer
Kyle Maguire, Vice President, Sr. Loan & Credit Manager
Ken Overby, Vice President, Relationship Manager
Somaly Sim, Corporate Banking Officer    

North Orange County Regional Office

2400 E. Katella Avenue, Suite 350
Anaheim, CA 92806
telephone: 657.207.5750
facsimile: 657.207.5749

David Plourde, Regional Executive Vice President
Eric Dole, Sr. Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Seth Drootin, Vice President, Relationship Manager 
Maureen Finn, Sr. Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Jesus Leon, Vice President, Relationship Manager
Derek Collins, Vice President, Credit & Portfolio Manager

San Fernando Valley Regional Office

21800 Oxnard Street, Suite 1140
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
telephone: 818.884.0000
facsimile: 818.884.4004

Jeffrey R. Munson, Regional Vice President 
Gary A. Coleman, Sr. Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Saxon Knauss, Vice President, Relationship Manager

South Bay Regional Office

970 West 190th Street, Suite 301
Torrance, CA 90502
telephone: 310.808.1200
facsimile: 310.808.1201

Edward M. Falcone, Regional Vice President
Alfred Villalobos, Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Debbie Dair, 1st Vice President, Sr. Deposit Relationship Manager
David Osborn, Assistant Vice President, Relationship Manager
Brett Smith, 1st Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager   

Inland Empire Regional Office

3633 Inland Empire Blvd., Suite 720
Ontario, CA 91764
telephone: 909.919.2040
facsimile: 909.919.7267

Christopher F. Basirico, Regional Executive Vice President
Jonathan Aytona, Vice President, Credit and Portfolio Manager
J.-P. Fletcher, Assistant Vice President, Relationship Manager
Larry Pyle,  Sr. Vice President, Sr. Loan and Credit Manager
Keith Matthews, Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Daniel Reid, Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
Trey Weatherill, Vice President, Relationship Manager   

Riverside County Regional Office 

1250 Corona Pointe, Suite 303
Corona, CA 92879
telephone: 951.393.2370
facsimile: 951.393.2361

Keith R. Cerwinski, Regional Executive Vice President
Scott R. Lundberg, Vice President & Relationship Manager
David Valenzuela, Vice President & Relationship Manager
Bryan Arguello, Vice President, Sr. Credit & Portfolio Manager



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